Sugar Scrub Bars


Try our edible smelling Sugar Scrub Bars! Packed with some amazing herbs to moisturise and soothe irritated and skin. Perfect to use after wet shaving in the shower or bath. We have a variety of scrubs for you to try!

Our scrubs are sold in a solid bar, they can be broken down or used whole.

We have gone with a different approach to our scrubs,

  • Less plastic.
  • Less contamination in the product.
  • No water puddles (can cause bacteria to grow in the product within 24 – 48 hours).
  • Can be held in the hand (Easy to use).
  • Less product loss.

YOU RECEIVE 3 BLOCKS OF SCRUBS FOR £10. Use scrubs after washing, make sure to rinse before leaving the shower! he he.

Our scrubs have been an amazing addition to many people who suffer with dry skin issues, we have found that our combination of oils and butters along with exfoliation helps reduce itching and dark marks whilst hydrating the skin.


These sweet smelling scrub bars are solid, they will need a little warm water under the shower to loosen the butters. These bars are safe near your personal area as flavours scented oils are used for scent to prevent any irritations. You do not need to apply oils, body butters or any lotions after using our scrubs.

We have solid large rectangles sold in a pack of 3, these can be broken up into pieces by hand to split the bar up, if you do not wish to use the whole bar immediately. A little warm water is all you need. After a shave is the best time to use.

Size squares – L – 8cm  W – 5cm  H – 2cm  Average Weight – 121.8g

Rub the scrub bar into any part of the body after washing, massage the excess sugary butter into your skin allowing the herbs to exfoliate the skin, along with the sugar to help push out black heads and remove dead skin.
Then rinse off and you will have a nourishing moisturised skin upon leaving the shower!
(Please note that butters and oils are used, be careful of slipping in the bath or shower when using scrubs)

We do recommend keeping it in the fridge till your first use.
Alternatively leave in a cool dark place. Can melt in extremely warm conditions.


Large Block


Blue Spirulina, Moringa, Hibiscus, Tumeric, charcoal


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