Our Story

Our Story

our mission

Our mission is to assist individuals in enhancing their natural beauty by utilizing the resources nature has provided us. We recognize that people are becoming increasingly mindful of their aesthetic well-being, and we are dedicated to promoting healthier skin and hair through our range of products. With a focus on potent health benefits, we aim to provide our customers with high-quality natural products that help them achieve their desired results.

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our story

At Alaanah Lee Skin and Hair, our story is rooted in personal experiences that led to a deeper appreciation for the healing power of nature. Our founder was struggling with a long-term health condition (trophoblastic disease) and the discomfort of relying on pharmaceuticals. Additionally, seeing the impact of long-term medication use on her parent, who battled mental health issues, was a turning point in her journey.

As a single parent to a young daughter, the founder’s inability to work full-time due to her health condition was a challenge. This led her to seek alternative treatments and delve into researching the benefits of natural remedies. It was through this process that she discovered the power of herbs and natural methods, and noticed significant improvements in her health.

These positive experiences ignited a passion for natural living and inspired her to create a line of natural skin and hair care products that would promote holistic wellness. Our story is about finding beauty and healing in nature and sharing that with our customers. We are committed to providing high-quality, natural products that help individuals achieve their wellness goals and live their best lives.

where it all started

Alaanah Lee Skin and Hair’s roots can be traced back to the founder’s personal journey towards wellness. It all started with the use of blackseed oil and castor oil patches with heat to manage her pain. As she slowly introduced different herbs into her routine, she noticed remarkable improvements in her health.

Understanding the significance of our skin as the largest organ, the founder conducted extensive research on the harmful effects of certain ingredients present in both food and cosmetic products. She was determined to use only natural, safe ingredients for herself and her daughter during her healing process.

As someone with a background in cheffing, the founder found joy in the process of formulating her own natural skin and hair care products. It was a relaxing and gratifying experience, especially since she knew her health condition would prevent her from pursuing her career in the culinary industry. This journey led her to create a line of natural, effective products that promote holistic wellness and provide an alternative to traditional, potentially harmful options.

Our Growth

Alaanah Lee Skin and Hair’s growth story spans over 6 years. Our journey began with our founder’s own health improvement and her daughter’s remarkable skin and hair transformation. People around us took notice and started asking for our products, herbs, smoothies, and advice on healing conditions both inside and outside the body.

We believe that every individual is unique and requires a personalized approach to treatment. That’s why we don’t believe in pressuring or forcing herbs onto people. We aim to help everyone feel comfortable in their own skin and hair, and take a step forward towards knowing that everything will be okay.

Our products are meticulously crafted with extensive research and a lot of love. Our goal is to provide natural, safe, and effective solutions that benefit the skin and hair with consistent use.

Our Story