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We are Alaanah Lee Skin and Hair, a UK-based, natural skin and hair care company operating from the comfort of our homes. Our passion lies in creating products that are formulated with natural ingredients, utilizing our extensive knowledge in Herbology.

We source Ayurvedic, African, and Amazonian herbs to enrich our formulations, ensuring that your body receives the necessary nutrients and minerals required to live a healthier lifestyle.


100% Natural products


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reduced carbon footprint


caring for our planet

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Face mask

Shorter life span and keep in fridge till use.


face wash

You can use this al over the body too, the viscosity can loosen but won’t change the composition of the ingredients or hot it performs. We recommend using a tool or brush to get results and those trying to avoid acne, wash and dry well if using hands to wash your face.


scrubs solid

Can melt in warm temperatures.


body butter

Can melt in warm or hot temperatures (stir and put in fridge to harden)


sea moss

Fresh food, please keep in fridge until expiry date. Orders are made fresh and will take a couple of days.


Shampoo bars

Try to keep these away from pools of water when not in use as we all know soap bars will wash away if sat in water for long periods of time.


We do recommend putting certain items in cool dark places, All of our products are preserved with the most natural preservative we could find, but as some of our products do contain fresh ingredients we would ask if you can please dispose of any products after six months, Although we are hoping you will have used them by then.

PLEASE DO A 24 HOUR PATCH TEST ON ALL PRODUCTS PURCHASED. we do have a label on each product stating this.

Some products may have a shorter life span like our face mask.

All our bottles and jars and packaging are recyclable. Please avoid dipping into any jars with damp/wet hands or letting water enter the product.

Discolouration can occur after time and viscosity can change in different temperature depending on product, most of or products you can give it a stir to recover this and/or put in the fridge for a few minutes to harden or in a warm double jar water bath to loosen.